WithMK- Business Travel Assistant
Personal assistant for an effective business travel to the U.S. and Korea.
Korean, Translator, Interpreter, Travel Assistant, Guide, Coordinator
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Personal assistant for an effective business travel to the U.S. and Korea.

As an interpreter and business travel assistant, I enhance your business travel experience by closing cultural and linguistic gap in the U.S. and Korea. Also as a travel guide, I make your business travel more enjoyable and comfortable.



I assist my clients for business meetings and travels as their personal interpreter and assistant. With more than 10 years of business experience and deep understanding of both American and Korean business cultures, I act as their linguistic and cultural bridge.

Travel Assistant

I travel together with my clients and work as their personal assistant so they can only focus on business meetings and nothing else. I also arrange flight, hotel, transportation, and all other necessary reservations that perfectly work with their schedule and location.

Local Guide

Use your free time to really get to know the U.S. and Korea. As a tour guide, I take my clients to local restaurants, tour sites, shopping, and fun activities.

Are you planning a business travel to the U.S. or Korea?

With MK, it will be smoothest business travel ever.